New Orleans Voodoo Tour

Feared, maligned, and misunderstood for many years, the voodoo religion is taking its story back in the 21st century. Headed by women and honoring family, ancestry, and community, this religion blends Louisiana’s historically dominant Catholicism with secretive African traditions, kept in the hearts and memories of people forced into slavery, and researched and brought back into the open by modern practitioners.

Your guide, Robi, is a practicing priest, raised in the rarely seen plantation voodoo tradition of Louisiana and also ordained in Haitian voudou.

Highlights include:

  • Congo Square, the site of more than two centuries of African ritual and performance
  • Demonstration of elements of a voodoo ceremony, including live dancing
  • How African traditions survived centuries of active repression
  • Stories of New Orleans’ most famous voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau
  • An insider’s view on the voodoo community in New Orleans today
  • The truth about voodoo dolls
  • Herbal medicine and potions
  • A stop by a voodoo shop and religious space, where you can see altars and religious art or buy some gris-gris to bring home

Due to limitations on logistics and regulations by the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, this tour does not visit St. Louis Cemetery #1, the burial site of Marie Laveau, instead visiting one of the places where she lived.

This tour takes place Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm and lasts approximately two hours. Reservations are required for all public tours and can be made online.