Specialty Tours

New Orleans is full of beautiful neighborhoods and distinctive traditions most visitors never see. For the particularly curious traveler and for those who are ready to move beyond the basics, we offer walks through places rarely seen and stories rarely told.

Robi’s Voodoo Tour – A voodoo priest sets the record straight on this ancient, secretive, and often misunderstood religion.

Music, Arts and More Tour – Music is the greatest gift New Orleans has given to the world, and our art, literature, and performance and masking traditions are close behind. This tour enhances sightseeing and storytelling with audio and visuals, plus an overview of what’s going on during your stay.

Civil War Tour – The American Civil War was a major turning point in New Orleans history. This tour, led by a published Civil War historian, will show you sites in the French Quarter that illustrate what happened during the war and the changes that followed.

Cocktail Tour – Every bar in New Orleans is a museum waiting to share stories with those who ask. We’ll take you by some of the essentials for history by the glass.

Brewery Tours – Brewing history and present-day breweries are scattered across New Orleans, and our partner, New Orleans Brew Bus, can take you there.

French Quarter Food Tour – Sights, stories, and tastes combine on this tour that makes a buffet of French Quarter history. We’ll share samples of local culinary essentials at the restaurants most famous for them and leave you with plenty of ideas for where else to dine.

Bayou St. John Tour – Developed shortly after the French Quarter, the Bayou St. John neighborhood contains some of the city’s oldest architecture and some of its most beautiful natural features, as well as the most active of our classic above-ground cemeteries.

Reservations are required for all public tours and can be made online.